Making a Connection

Transferring between two flights

Connecting between flights and terminals


We can arrange and assist for connections (transit / transfer) between flights and terminals at Jakarta, and between International and Domestic flights in other airports


On arrival you will be met at the air-bridge or where you step into the terminal building, and escorted to and through any visa, quarantine, transit, security, immigration, baggage, customs procedures. Then you will be led to the next flight’s check in area, or to flight transfer desk, or to your airline lounge or to the boarding gate.


If a change of terminal is required the greeter will normally accompany you between terminals, and at Jakarta we can arrange a private MPV “inter-terminal transfer” as the terminals are remote from each other.


The maximum service time allocated for a transfer connection is two (2) hours. If the time between the flights is greater than two hours, the greeter may leave you to carry out other duties and return to collect you at boarding time and/or we may make a surcharge at the time of booking to cover the extended service.


In Indonesia some “international to international” connections cannot be made solely within the transit area. In this case the airport regulations or airline interline agreements may require you to pass through immigration, collect your bags and check in again. As this could mean getting or having a Visa you need to check carefully when making such connection plans.


Each connection request will be evaluated case by case and a solution will be will be suggested and quoted according to the circumstances.