Visa on Arrival

Do I need to buy a VOA?

Getting a Visa on Arrival ( VOA )

Pre-purchasing your VOA: If you need a visa on arrival we can pre-purchase it before you land.  We charge you for the actual visa and we add a service fee. The visa we have ordered will be passed to your greeter when we show the passenger’s passport to the immigration booth for verification.   The visa-on-arrival purchase zone is then by-passed, there is no need for any USD or local cash or receipts, and the cost of the VOA is billed as part of the overall arrival service.

This is a service offered for your convenience and to avoid the need for cash. You can also buy it when you arrive if you prefer,  and we will help with that purchase.

In general unless a passenger…

(i)     already has a visa in their passport which was obtained before travel, or

(ii)    has an APEC card, or

(iii)   has an e-VOA, or

(iii)   does not need a visa because they eligible for Visa Free entry

…then they will need to purchase a Visa on Arrival (VOA) when they arrive.

If they are entering Indonesia as a tourist (and not for meetings, attending conferences,  or for conducting business) then they are quite likely to be eligible for the Visa Free entry, but they should check before travelling.

Please remember that there a strictly enforced penalties for passengers who arrive without space in the passport for their visa and stamp, and/or without at least 6 months passport validity, and for overstaying.